We operate a CNC and NC abkannt presses 2D and 3D tube-bending machines, as well as universal CNC and NC tooling machines for drilling, milling, grinding.

The company operates 3 electrostatic powder coating lines equipped with automated installation for degreasing and drying, spray booths and furnaces.

Good packaging is crucial to preserving the integrity and quality of shipments. In-house packaging completes the metal manufacture and product assembly services that the company provides.

We perceive our tooling capabilities as a strong competitive advantage that allows for the quickest introduction of new products into the production cycle.

We have a plastic injection molding division which allows us to maintain a specific tooling or mass produce injection molds ourselves according to a client's design.


High quality

in large quantities

BCC 95 Ltd. was established in 1995 as a 100 % private family company. The company owns and operates three production sites with a total area of over 75 000 m2 and employs 231 people. 90% from the production of metalware and components is marketed to countries in the EU and North America.

100 % private family company


Sustainable market growth based on innovative and ecological technologies outlines the goals of the company. BCC 95 Ltd. is ambitiously introducing advanced equipment to enhance its productivity, improve quality and add value to its products.

◎  Growth
◎  Competitiveness
◎  Social responsibility
◎  Customer relations



The business concept of BCC-95 is to offer safe, well-designed and high-quality products at a competitive price. Quality also means that our products must be produced in a way that is environmentally and socially compliant.

Air pollution and CO2 emissions

BCC 95 Ltd. follows the principles of active and intelligent environmental protection.


Water is one of the basic conditions for life and for that reason we need to save it as much as possible.

Coworkers development

In BCC 95 Ltd we believe that we can achieve sustainability only if all our coworkers are looking in one and same direction.


Let's grow

BCC 95 Ltd. has a reputation of a socially-responsible employer and makes dedicated efforts to maintain a safe working environment. Join our team!