With the increasingly heated debate for the future of the Planet, sustainable development became one of the main goals of the European Union, uniting institutions, businesses and people. And with the creation of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy, began the active promotion of practices that ensure the successful achievement of economic, social and environmental goals, complementing each other for the better future of the people and the planet. As a modern company on the European business scene, the Bulgarian company BCC 95 /БКК 95/, a leader in the production of metal furniture and components, realizes its role in the cause for sustainable future and in recent years has integrated into its practice modern policies to reduce its negative footprint on the environment to a minimum. The company’s specialists shared more about their sustainable development strategy with Engineer.bg.

The main business focus of the Bulgarian company BCC 95 is the production of safe, ergonomic and high-quality furniture components at competitive prices. But when it comes to quality, for the specialists at BCC 95, this means that the products should also comply with the company’s environmental and social policy. “We have a responsibility to everyone who contributes for our success. That is why we are committed to working closely with our suppliers and business partners to achieve long-term, sustainable social and environmental standards”, claims the company. In order for the products, as well as the company itself, to be environmentally friendly and long-lasting to the highest degree possible, the specialists in furniture manufacturing apply a number of actions in their practice. They focus on different aspects whose joint improvement leads to achievement of the company`s ESG goals. Here the goals, which BCC 95 has set:

Development of the team
“We strongly believe that in order to achieve sustainability, the most important factor – the employees, need to look in the same direction”, states the company’s management. This is the reason why the company actively tries to have a positive impact on its employees and support their development in both professional and personal aspects. “We make investments in various initiatives to improve the physical and mental health of our colleagues, as well as their performance at work through the acquisition of new skills,” added from BCC 95.

Community and charity work
“We strive to have a positive impact on people and the community. For this reason, we support and work on various long-term projects with local schools, art clubs, cultural and sports organizations, etc. Our purpose is to be an ambassador of change and to promote the positive development of our community,” states the company.


Circular economy
One of the main principles in the production of BCC 95 is that waste can also be a resource. One of the main principles of the company is to utilize resources in the most efficient way and to have a long-term positive impact on the environment. “We have an active approach to finding new ways to deal with waste and turn it into a high-quality resource,” continued the company’s comment.

Air pollution and carbon emissions
The company based in Montana declares that it follows principles of active and intelligent protection of the environment . For this purpose, BCC 95 works with transport providers that are proven professionals in the field and are committed to minimizing their emissions by continuously investing in new vehicles for all types of transport needs. „We strive to maximize the workload of the tracks that we use for both external and internal transport. For example, in order to make only one trip per day between our production units, we load the trucks to their full capacity”, explained specialists from the company. For internal transport within one production unit the company uses mainly electric forklifts and strives to maintain this trend when purchasing new lifting equipment. With this strategy BCC 95 aims to limit not only CO2, but also other harmful emissions in the air.


Energy and climate change
BCC 95 actively strives to reduce harmful emissions in the air and greenhouse gas effect by improving the energy efficiency of the production and using low-carbon energy sources. “Regardless of the actions that we take for a better future for all of us, we are already facing the challenges of climate change and must resist them if we want to have sustainable development. We try to ensure that our equipment is protected from storms, high temperature swings and floods, as well as from other climate dangers. These are the main risks in our region and our purpose is to be prepared for any situation”, state from BCC 95.

Chemicals are a natural part of the company’s production processes that cannot be completely eliminated. For this reason, the specialists focus on constantly monitoring the use and reducing it as much as possible. This includes drastic reduction of the chemicals added to the final products, as well as those used in the daily work or considered hazardous waste. The company declares its interest in the innovations of the industry, so that all known improvements to processes and materials can be applied to further reduce the use of chemicals.



Water is one of the basic conditions for life. Regardless of the fact that the company’s production processes use a minimum quantity of water, its specialists are explicit that they will continue to work towards further reduction. „We, at BCC 95, understand that sustainable development means responsibility to the people and the environment. This is also the reason why we focus on all aspects of energy saving technologies, production processes, resource efficiency, customer service and also social and public responsibility. The protection of the environment and the resources, as well as the health and safety requirements at work, are an integral and important part of our business strategy”, also added from the company.

If you want to be part of the team of a large Bulgarian manufacturer with a stable market presence, a social policy and a partnership attitude towards employees, do not hesitate to look at the job ads on the BCC 95 microsite at Borsa.bg /микросайта на БКК 95 в Борса.bg /.